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Roadmap Changes and the Next Update

Posted by DG STUDIOS on

Hello Dog Lovers!

Its time for another quick update on doggo operations! So for today we will be focusing on two things: changes to the road map and the first round of details on the next update.

Road Map Changes

The main changes to the Road Map can be found here. The main highlight is the change of the wearable system and various NPC improvements to be sooner. We still plan on doing more NPC work down the road. It will be a rolling means of improvements and of course we are interested in any suggestions all of you may have. As a result, we also had to move expanding the storyline missions and some of the RPG skill additions to early next year. We are doing this to enhance the core gameplay first before moving on and expanding with the current setup. By adding these systems, we hope to enhance what is already there to a higher level making a more solid foundation when we add additional elements to the game which will follow along from changes we are making now.

Update Details

As for the changes, we plan on adding the new wearables system and more NPCs with improved behavior along with various quality of life additions. While the details of these additions will be revealed in full when the update comes out, we will be releasing early details on our discord and plan on showing some of what we are working on in a livestream a few weeks from now. For the wearables, we plan on adding several more items spread throughout the world including new types such as sunglasses and even shoes. To accommodate this, we will be making a whole new system to handle wearables that is separate from the inventory allowing you to have maximum style! The NPCs being added are for the crowds to give more variety to the people in Beaver Town and the Trailer Park. We also plan on giving them more actions to do in response to your doggo antics. Lastly, we plan on doing a variety of small UI and combat adjustments to add some more flair to the game. We expect this update to be out the week of November 23rd.

Thanks for reading! We are super excited to create our first major Early Access update. If you want to put up suggestions for the next round of updates after this one, please feel free to post them in our forum and discord. Thanks for all the support and see you all in the next one!

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