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Lost Paws Early Access Roadmap is Up!

Posted by DG STUDIOS on

Hello Dog Lovers!

The Roadmap is now available! We are hyped to show you all what the current plans are for Lost Paws and where we plan to take the game. As always, the Roadmap is a living plan that can be modified through your feedback!

Before going through the highlights of the Roadmap, we probably need to explain some of the assumptions. The first thing is the Roadmap will be updated on the regular for new additions we think we can fit in and of course bugs. Each point given are features we plan on adding with some measure of detail. The explicit details will be given in stories, posts, and discord when we get close to updates. The Roadmap has categories broken down by time with Near Term being the next 3 months, Mid Term being the first half of 2024, and Far Term being long range goals. Everything is modifiable and broad categories will be given specific points if feedback or bug reports warrant it. Finally, the best places to give us feedback would be our forums and our discord.

For the Near Term the goal is to make the game more robust and add more content to expand your doggo experience. The main goal is more RPG skills and the things needed to support that especially in-game achievements. We also wanted to expand the story to give you more doggo adventures. These stories likely will be involving the commercial district and the shops involved as Shibu continues to look for ways to help you. There will also be new places to explore as we open up more buildings and add a street or two to Doggo City. Lastly, we will be adding a new doggo (still deciding so feel free to let us know) and various quality of life adjustments.

Longer term plans are focused on finishing some of our larger scale systems and adding new ones. We want to finish the RPG skills naturally and would like to hear from all of you about what types of skills you might want to see. In addition, we want to add new storage options, advanced trading, crafting, and new NPC types both hostile and friendly to expand your human interaction options. We of course will also wrap up the main plotline and expand out the city. Beyond that the sky is the limit quite literally with new doggo powers, more locations around the world, customization options, and much much more!

For our next update, we will be focusing on various quality of life changes first and fixing the issues some of you have found while playing the game. After tightening up the experience, we will pick from the Near Term items to work on next. We will be posting smaller more frequent updates on our discord so join up there if you want to stay up to date with our latest efforts! Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any feedback!

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