Castle Torgeath 1.5.0 – Melee Combat Upgrade

August 04, 2017 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone! In this release, we made improvements to melee combat both for the player as well as how the enemies operate. The player animations have been reworked to provide a better feel when hitting something. We also adjusted the hit effects for all enemy types so that they look better and are more accurate.  Finally, we created differences to how many enemies fight giving you new challenges to adapt to. There are several things that we did to upgrade the melee combat. The first was adjustments to blood effects from hit damage. They were enlarged to create a bigger...

Castle Torgeath 1.4.0 – More Player and Combat Improvements

June 17, 2017 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone! In this release we made several changes to the player and the enemies to improve combat and game feel. Based on your feedback, we slightly adjusted the player's melee weapons and enemies hit boxes to make the combat feel and look better. We also made adjustments to how the enemies move to make it smoother in normal, hard, and rogue modes. The player was also improved by adding motion to the arms while changing direction. Finally, we made several art improvements to enemy types such as spiders and skeletons as well as improve balancing by disabling the morphs...

Castle Torgeath 1.3.2 – Enemy Improvements

May 30, 2017 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone! In this release we made several improvements to all enemy types. The most noticeable are the changes to all enemy hit reactions including new hit animations for skeletons, insectoids, and wolves. We also added a new paralysis attack for the insectoids (watch out for the tail!). We also increased the enemy hit stun rates especially early in the game for better balancing and flow. Finally, we improved the look of the spiders. Here are the full details of the update: Adjusted all enemy hit reactions to be more noticeable Change hit animations for skeleton footmen and zombies Slight...

Castle Torgeath 1.3.1 – Player Update

May 15, 2017 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone! In this release we made an update to the look of the player. We adjusted the position of the player’s hands and weapons slightly downward closer to the action. We also adjusted the orientation of the player’s torch and weapons to both look better and improve combat feel especially when swinging your melee weapons. In the future, we will add more player customization options and new game features as time permits. Enjoy the game and let us know what you think!

Castle Torgeath 1.3.0 – More Enemy Improvements

May 12, 2017 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone! In this release we made significant combat and game feel improvements as well as implemented many of your suggestions. How the enemies fight and move is now much smoother. It is also much easier to select items like torches, food, loot, and potions. In addition, we added mana regeneration to make it easier to use spells over time. We also modified some of the spiders to have different attacks and behaviors (e.g. poison attacks).  Finally, we implemented several suggestions made by the community including double clicks to open files and using the select key to toggle messages.  At...