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Castle Torgeath 1.6.3 – New Health and Mana Regeneration and Combat Improvements

In this release, we have added health and mana regeneration and made combat improvements. A while after you are done fighting with enemies or have dealt with a trap your health will regenerate up to 70% and mana up to 15% fairly quickly and then at a much slower rate.  You can still find and use health and mana potions to get yourself to full strength right away. We also made changes to how enemies move when they are following and/or attacking you. Finally, we rebalanced combat slightly including a reduction in how often the morph fog reanimates killed enemies. Check out our Steam Stats Guide for more details. Enjoy the game and let us know what you think!


 Castle Torgeath: Descent into Darkness is a new Action/RPG game for Windows PC.


  • Play an interesting mix of several genres that forms gameplay which rewards quick reactions, good stat management, and careful exploration.
  • Enhance yourself with an RPG system that allows you to choose what your character specializes in and how you approach combat.
  • Fight intense battles using a variety of weapons against many kinds of enemies.
  • Combat a reanimation fog that morphs fallen enemies.
  • Survive by scavenging food, potions, and other supplies.
  • Discover an in-depth story that explains the events that previously occurred in the castle.
  • Engage five dangerous bosses each in their own arenas.


You can also see a video of actual game play or learn more about what's in store by clicking here.