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Castle Torgeath Redux 1.2.0 Released

Posted by DG STUDIOS on

Castle Torgeath Redux version 1.2.0 is now available on Steam. This release contains two new features. These are player jumping and weapon upgrades.

Player jumping by default uses the SPACE key or controller X button. You can jump on top of some rubble piles, barricades, and many scenery objects. Use jumping to escape some enemies and aid in combat.

You can upgrade your melee weapons in the Orcs Lair using the lit stoves. You select which weapon you want to upgrade in exchange for your loot. Upgrades are shown in Inventory Weapons tab with a "+" sign and how many times the weapon was upgraded. For example, "Steel Sword +1". Each upgrade will increase that weapon's hit score which is also shown in the Inventory Weapons tab.

This release also includes an update to AutoSave so that once you start a new level your last save will not be in the prior level. There were also some minor art related fixes.

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