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Castle Torgeath Redux 1.3.0 Released

Posted by DG STUDIOS on

Castle Torgeath Redux version 1.3.0 is now available on Steam. This release contains enemy ragdolling, our new Loot Thrower, and some fixes.

When enemies are killed they now have a physical reaction instead of just simply playing their death animations. While that is already great, we went a step further with enemies now having what we like to call death reactions. The player can hit the enemies to enjoy their wacky physics-based responses.

This release also has our new Loot Thrower weapon. Out of magic? Well never fear now you can chug that boot you always wanted to throw at enemies. The player has been given an amazing throwing arm to rapidly toss virtually all your junk found throughout the dungeon as a projectile weapon. Hoard as much as you can because the player is a machine gun with the loot as bullets. The stuff tossed out is with full physics as well! They bounce off walls, break boxes, and fly off enemies.

The Magic weapon shortcut (key "2")  toggles between using spells or the Loot Thrower. Hold down the left mouse key and the Loot Thrower is a machine gun. We also added a selected weapon indicator on the lower right of the screen.

Finally, we made a series of fixes and provided better hardware support.  The primary fixes were to file save/autosave operation and graphics screen size selection. We now support all 16:9 aspect ratio screen sizes such as 1920x1080, 1600x900, and 1366x768. Other aspect ratio screens (4:3 and 16:10) will work but with some clipping. These aspect ratios will be supported in a future release.


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