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Lost Paws Wearables Update

Posted by DG STUDIOS on

Hello Dog Lovers!

Our next big update is now out! For this update, you'll find new features like the wearables screen, new NPC characters, and more interactions with certain NPC types. Let's get into Doggo's makeover!

Equipment System

Doggo now has a new inventory! Well, not really, but he has more space to carry new swag. By pressing the "y" key by default or by pressing the "B" button on an Xbox controller, it will bring up this panel:

Lost Paws Equipment Screen

This panel is the equipment screen. From here, you can store hats, glasses, and even shoes! All these new cosmetic types are called Wearables and allow you to give your doggo a unique style. When you equip them, they will be assigned to the corresponding slot and visible on your doggo. You can click on the Wearable again to unequip it. These slots are totally separate from the main inventory, freeing you to explore your doggo's best style unhindered!

Lost Paws Wearbles Sample Small

To complement this system, a dozen new Wearables have been sprinkled worldwide. They range from a shiny crown to a tail bow to some cool glasses. By putting your doggo's search skills to the max, you'll find all twelve new wearables giving you a wide range to customize your good boy! We plan to add more in future updates, so stay tuned for that!

New NPCs and Interactions

Doggo now has more people to terroize make friends with! Ten brand new characters now exist in-game. Six of them are in the crowds you can find around town, just waiting to get a face full of snout. The remaining 4 are a new group that has moved into the Trailer Park. You can find them lounging around there enjoying their little get-together.

Lost Paws New NPCs

But that is not all! A new personality system is now in the game for static (non-moving) NPCs you can find worldwide. They will react to doggo's presence and barking. When you get your doggo to bark, they will initially either show minor disapproval or even enjoy your doggo's antics. After a while, however, they will get annoyed and start to tell poor doggo off. If you hang around long enough, they might have a nasty suprised for you! Check it out to the nearest unwitting stationary citizen near you!

Lost Paws NPC Interactions Small

Other Changes/Additions

We also have done a few additional elements in this update:

  • Optimization of NPC patterns: We have tuned the number of types of NPCs that spawn to increase the variety of characters in a given area.
  • Ball interactions: Bonking the ball around can now knock down crowds (non-named characters). Give it a whirl to cause some chaos!
  • Help page updates: The help page now reflects the new equipment system keys, including moving the world map to a new key mapping for the controller.
  • Save/Load optimization: Saving and Loading should be more stable and handle more cases that could have created performance issues.

Thanks a bunch for reading! We hope to have another more minor update soon before returning to the bigger items. If you have the game, please consider leaving a review, as it helps out a ton! Thanks again for checking out the latest update, and see you in the next one!

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