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Update on Lost Paws' Progress and the Summer Sale

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Hello Dog Lovers!

We are back and have several things to share in this one! We are on the Steam Summer Sale and the details are below. We are also looking for beta testers for our next major update. Lastly, we've been hard at work adding new things for the next major update which you can see at the end. Let's get started!

Steam Summer Sale

Lost Paws is part of the Steam Summer Sale! The Sale is running until July 11th with the game being 40% off. It is the first big sale since the UI overhaul update so now is a great time to pick it up for yourself or a friend. It's even better if you want to see where things are going and give some feedback. You can check out the deal by clicking on the banner:

Lost Paws Summer Sale 2024 Ad


If you happen to pick up the game please consider leaving a review since it helps us out a lot and feedback on our forums is always welcome as we read everything put out on there!

The Next Beta Program

Right now, we are still in the process of accepting sign-ups for our next Steam PC beta! Whether you own the game or just want to provide feedback, we welcome you to sign up. You can do so by clicking on the banner below:

Lost Paws Sign up Header Overrid


We are looking for as much feedback as possible to make corrections and the best-revamped experience we can give. Right now, the plan is to allow access to the full beta if you own the game when it goes live. If you don't own the game you will receive limited-time access to a special version of the beta to give you a feel for what we are going for. All feedback is extremely welcome since these will be big changes to the game.

Dev Progress

Over the last two months, we designed and built more into the game, massively expanding the playtime. We will be adding many new systems into the game as well as expanding the city to include more districts and places for doggo to roam. We built an additional 24 NPCs many of which will hold special interactions in addition to having more people to pester. An example can be seen in this new crowd here:

Game Dev TidBit Punk Crowd


For the new systems, we are adding ways to store items which serves as a stepping stone for some of the bigger systems we intended to add. Below is a sample wireframe of what we call selectable containers which will allow you to store items for as long as you want. Their locations will be scattered around the world; however, we are in the process of adding many more ways to store items and how you can position them. In the end, selectable containers serve as one key system in a much larger expansion of the game. An example of a locker can be seen here:

Selectable Container Example


Thanks for reading about our progress and what is going on with Lost Paws! Can't wait to share more on the next major phase of the game. Hope you enjoy the Steam Summer Sale! ☀️🐕

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