Castle Torgeath 1.6.1 – Phantom Trader, Mana Statues, and Scenery

September 17, 2017 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone!

In this release, we updated the Phantom Trader and added new scenery in the game. When talking to the Phantom Trader you now can see what special powers you already have and what new ones you can get assuming you have the loot for it. We also added a limited number of mana statues in all levels of the game for launching even more spells at enemies. Finally, we made scenery updates throughout all six levels.

Here are the full details of the update:

  • NPC Phantom Trader updated to indicate which special powers are active
  • NPC Phantom Trader conversation allows you to loop for additional powers
  • Added limited number of new mana statues in all levels
  • Additional scenery changes made to all levels
  • Fix some minor issues found in our testing and reported by the community

Enjoy the game and let us know what you think!


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