Castle Torgeath 1.2.2 - New Combat and Gameplay Features

April 17, 2017 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone!

In this release we have made several combat feel and gameplay improvements many of which are based on your comments.  Blocking has been made faster and the inventory now has the much requested item count. We also readjusted enemy melee and ranged attacks so they are more in sync with what you see and expect. Finally, we changed the morphs to have a shield against all normal melee and ranged attacks but you can still affect them with magic spells and special powers.

The most significant change has been to how the morphs work. The morphs are created when another killed enemy is transformed  by the morph fog and the odds of the fog appearing is shown by the HUD blue orb. All the morphs now have a new shield effect which prevents normal melee or range weapon attacks from hurting them. Only magic spells can affect the morphs. However, if you get the strength special power from the Ghost Trader your melee weapons will work against the morphs while the special power is in effect.

We also made some general combat feel improvements. Blocking is now much faster and much easier to use against all enemies. Also, the animal enemies now get much closer to you when they attack making it easier to tell when you are going to get hit or not. Other enemies, such as the skeletons, also get a bit closer when they do melee attacks. In addition, the motion of enemies when they are chasing you has been made a bit smoother.

Finally, we added an item count to the inventory window. This will make it much easier to tell when you are nearing the 300 item max limit you can carry. Note that spells, keys, and clues do not count toward the carry limit.

Here are the full details of the update:

  • Player blocking is now faster
  • Inventory shows item count and limit
  • Readjusted melee attacks to be more in sync with what you see
  • Readjusted range weapon colliders to be more in sync with visuals
  • All morphs now have a shield against normal melee and ranged attacks
  • Adjustment to enemy motion for smoother operation
  • Steam Stats Guide updated for morph attacks and inventory
  • Fixed various minor bugs 

Thanks for all the feedback and we hope you enjoy the update!

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