Castle Torgeath 1.2.0 – New Map, Graphics, and Rebalanced Combat

March 05, 2017 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone!

We have a massive update for you that addresses all your feedback to date and our overall goals for the game. We have added a new map feature, more art, upgraded graphics, rebalanced combat, and improved the look of our morph enemies. Our new map feature will help you navigate the dungeons and has both a wide and detail view. We also rebalanced combat so that you can spend more time exploring the dungeons as well as try to sneak your way around some enemies. Speaking of enemies, all the morphs inside the game got retouched to look more unique. Finally, we improved the look of the dungeons and made it easier to see some of the new art we have added without changing the dark and eerie feel.

Our new map is shown by default in wide view when you start a new game or load a save file. It shows the layout of the dungeon rooms and corridors. Also shown are interior room walls, large statues and columns, and location of teleporters. It also shows a small door icon at the start point of the current level and a green arrow icon to show the way out. You can use the default “m” key to toggle the map view from wide view to small view (zoomed in) as well as enable and disable the map. The map key can be changed in Options keys menu.

We rebalanced combat to allow for a better balance between exploration and combat in the game. In some cases you can use the map to help avoid combat when low on health by selecting alternate paths. To retain the same balance in acquiring RPG points we had to increase slightly the XP (Experience Points) gained by killing enemies. The Stats Guide on our Steam Page has been updated with all the details.

Finally, we upgraded the game graphics by making the dungeons look more vibrant. We adjusted how the dungeon walls, floors, and roofs are shown. The same was also done to large stone or metallic scenery such as columns and statues. We also added some new art and loot in virtually all parts of the game.

Here are the full details of the update:

  • Added new mini map feature with two zoom levels
  • Added new remappable key to toggle/zoom the map
  • Controller remapped “Back” button to control the map
  • Changed dungeon walls, floors, roofs, stairs to look more vibrant
  • Changed statues and columns and other scenery items to look more vibrant
  • Rebalanced combat by readjusting enemies in all six levels
  • Increased RPG XP values for each enemy type
  • Added scenery and loot in all six levels
  • Changed look of all three morph enemy types
  • All morph enemy types now have a new stun ranged weapon
  • Improved enemy ranged weapon combat
  • Fixed player customization to always show correct color for selected item
  • Fixed various minor bugs

 Thanks for all the feedback and we hope you enjoy the update!

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