Castle Torgeath 1.1.0 – Controller Support and Art

January 28, 2017 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone!

For this update, we have added partial-controller support and many scenery improvements in all levels of the game. We have tested Xbox 360 controllers on Windows 7 and 8 as well as Xbox one controllers for Windows 10. In addition, new scenery items such as candles and loot were added in all levels. These additions provide an improved ambiance, especially in the later levels, and double as clues for the dungeon.

We wanted to add controller support to give off the old-style console dungeon crawler feel. With our current partial controller support you will be able to look around, use all the attacks, block, run, select objects, switch weapons, access various menus, sheath your weapon, and basically do anything you could do with the keyboard and mouse outside of the menus.

For the menus, you have complete control of the inventory, character sheet, clue menus, and NPC discussions by using the D-pad and “A” and “B” buttons to select and cancel respectively. You can also overwrite the auto save and load that auto save with the controller. Unfortunately, the options menu and the character customization menu at the beginning of the game won’t be accessible by the controller but still can be used by the mouse. Lastly you can change the look-around sensitivity for the controller by modifying the Mouse/Controller sensitivity setting in the options menu. Overall, using the controller should provide a fun and retro feel to the game if you want to use it.

We also added another layer of various art and effects throughout the game. The idea was to give the entire game a few more sprinkles on top. The main thing was more effects primarily in the form of various types of candles. However, these art additions are not just for game feel. The effects serve as clues on where to go and what you might encounter as you move further in the dungeon. The strategic placing of the effects combined with the art creates a whole new feel for certain sections of the game.

Lastly due to due to the many requests we have received, we wanted to let you know that we intend to work on the map as a primary feature for our next update. There will be a map for each level in addition to a few new unique surprises. We hope to have the new map feature out late February.

Here are the full details of the update:

  • Implemented partial controller support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers
  • Updated the Help page with controller button info
  • Added scenery and effects in the Battlements
  • Added scenery and effects in the Library
  • Added scenery, loot, and effects in the Smithy
  • Added scenery, loot, and effects in the Royal Chamber
  • Added scenery and effects in the Mines
  • Added scenery and effects in the Alchemy Labs
  • Changed some enemy types in parts of the Library
  • Fixed various minor bugs


Thanks for all the feedback and we hope you enjoy the update!

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