Castle Torgeath 0.9.8D – Massive Update to GUI and Level 5 Art

September 04, 2016 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone!

In this release the entire user interface was changed. Many of the GUI’s artistic elements and usability were improved. The Mines (Level 5) has also received a lot of additional art and effects. To top it all off the game received minor rebalancing changes.

The GUI (graphic user interface) effectively received a complete overhaul.  The first and most notable change is the skin. The GUI skin was upgraded to have a better looks and feel of an MMO skin but customized enough to feel right at home for Castle Torgeath. The change brought about better buttons, new fonts, proper tabbing, nicer scrolling, and many other minor artistic improvements. However, the biggest changes were in some common operations. Tooltips were added in the RPG screen to better explain certain elements. Key mapping was just about completely reworked allowing a greater variety of keys to be used as well as safety checks. We also moved certain dialogue boxes to support a wider range of resolutions and eliminated the lowest resolutions from the resolution list to prevent anyone from getting stuck. On top of that we added the ability to have multiple windows to be up and for those windows to be moveable. The RPG screen and inventory received new icons for attributes and items to create a better and more colorful experience. The Inventory also got slightly changed with information now displayed in long boxes and a full list of stats displayed to the right. Lastly a few minor new additions were added to NPC discussion trees so you now always have an option to choose.

The Mines also had significant additions to the scenery. The focus this time was to create two things: the mines themselves and a battleground. While the resident skeletons cleaned out some places most of it still remain locked in time from the chaos of battle. What that means is unrevived skeletons, battle damage, debris, and magic residue all over to generate the feel of an old untouched battleground. The other areas such as crypts, holding areas, and of course mines are maintained by the skeletons. All of this new scenery plus the various magical elements left by the mages and traps create the ambiance for level 5.

We also made a few edits to balancing. The most significant change is that we increased the safety value of the morph cloud which will help prevent it appearing too frequently. We also added a new morph, a flesh knight, to The Mines and Alchemy Lab. Finally we changed several of the food types in the later levels.

Here are the full details of the update:

  • Changed GUI skin for all menus
  • Added tabs for some windows (e.g. Inventory)
  • Added the ability for user’s to move most windows
  • Add tooltips for RPG attributes
  • Improved key mapping
  • Added more custom configurable options
  • Added icons for RPG attributes
  • Added icons for inventory items
  • Removed very low resolutions to prevent menu errors
  • Added a few minor NPC discussion options
  • Added new art in Level 5 (The Mines)
  • Added additional effects in Level 5
  • Made minor rebalancing edits to Level 5
  • Increased the safety margin for the morph cloud to 35%
  • Added new morph in Levels 5 (The Mines) and 6 (Alchemy Lab)
  • Fixed several minor bugs

Thanks for your feedback and support. Let us know what you think about our new changes!

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