Castle Torgeath 0.9.7 Changelog

February 21, 2016 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone!

We have made a major release this time with many new features added. You now have the ability to customize the player, and we have finished all the artwork and features needed to complete the first level.  The first level now has some new surprises and new enemy types. We added a lot of new scenery in the first level especially in the torture room and the hallways.

We have also set the default graphics option to “fantastic” so you will get the best graphics quality possible right now.  Most of you should be able to run with these settings but please use Main Menu Options Graphic Quality Level to select the option that works best for you.

By the way, if you want to customize the player in your existing saves just start a new game and setup the player the way you want. You then can load your old save file and re-save it again. The save file will now be updated with the new player look.

Here are the full details of the update:

  • Added player customization
  • Finished adding art and scenery in first level
  • Finished adding new features and enemy types in first level
  • Updated start pictures
  • Added battle music fade out
  • Food is now easier to pick up
  • Torches are easier to relight
  • Default graphics option set to “fantastic”
  • Default brightness set to 75%
  • Help page is now shown when starting a new game
  • Fixed several minor bugs

Thanks for your feedback and support. Let us know what you think!


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