Castle Torgeath - Update 0.9.4 Announcement

December 10, 2015 DG STUDIOS

Hello, everyone. In this release, we have created a smoother and more impactful combat experience with new and better effects. We have also added several new elements in the menu and Level 1 which creates a more engaging and interactive experience. Finally, we have added support for multi-monitor operation and fixed several minor bugs.


Here are the full details of the update:

  • Added new scenery in Level 1
  • Added a new NPC in Level  1
  • Made the first half of Level 1 easier
  • Added camera effect when player is hit
  • Optimized combat for smoother play
  • Increased blood splatter effect when player hits enemies
  • Added new effect when player first opens treasure chests
  • Rebalanced most traps throughout the game
  • Added patrolling enemies and other actors to Main Menu scene.
  • Fixed issue with multi-monitor mode operation
  • Fixed various minor bugs


Thanks to your support we have been able to make it to the TOP 50 games on Steam Greenlight. We feel that Castle Torgeath is now ready for release as an Early Access ARPG and look forward to being on Steam in the near future.

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