Castle Torgeath 0.9.2B Update Announcement

November 01, 2015 DG STUDIOS

Hello, everyone. In this release, we have added additional scenery in Levels 5 and 6. In addition to that, two new features have been added. Now when you lower your torch, the light level decreases and enemies have a harder time see you. This feature, combined with walking rather than running, will allow you to more efficiently sneak around enemies. The other feature allows you to pick up clues and save them for review later in your inventory. Lastly, we went through all six levels of the game and fixed every scenery and functional issue we could find. With these fixes, we now believe this version is ready for a public early access release.


Here are the full details of the update:

  • Added clue save to inventory
  • Modified lighting when torch is down for player
  • Reduced visible range of enemies when the player’s torch is down
  • Fixed pit trap sequencing error
  • Optimized bridge colliders in Level 3
  • Changed in game title font
  • Fixed navmesh error with treasure chests
  • Fixed optimization transit error in level 2
  • Improved event history handling
  • Fixed navmesh around benches
  • Fixed globes in level 4
  • Other minor bug fixes


The overall artistic goal in levels 5 and 6 was to have a darker feel. These levels include a variety of room types such as torture rooms, armories, cultist labs, and demonic layers which all show signs of the blood stained past of the lower chambers of Castle Torgeath.

This section used to house the elite units of the army and act as an inner sanctum for the king’s court however not much of that remains. Due to cultists and then demon’s remodeling, the place now looks much more demonic. After the demons took over they raised many of the sacrificed into skeleton servants. Near the end of the castle is the lair of the Arch-Demon in which resides the objects that give him power and also the way out of the place. Those concepts combined with the fact that the orcs make excursions here from time to time create the dark environment for these levels.  


Here is a new level 5 snapshot of skeleton armory:


Here is a new level 6 snapshot of demon torture room:


Here is a level 4 snapshot with updated scenery:


Here is a video demonstrating the new features in this release:



Big thanks to everyone who has supported us! Castle Torgeath is now in the TOP 100 on Steam Greenlight. Your feedback has helped us make a highly-polished early access release. You can check out our roadmap for more about our future plans for full release, procedurally generated dungeons, and multiplayer feature.


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