Castle Torgeath 0.9.1B Update Changelog

August 19, 2015 DG STUDIOS

Hello everybody, great news today. We now have the first half of the next update now available. We felt the improvements where important to get out as soon as possible since they affect the player and all enemies. As a result we decided to split the update up into two releases. Here is the full list of changes:

  • Enemies now have more intricate attack patterns
  • Enemies can follow the player better
  • Enemies can now dodge
  • Enemies now have a new lunge attack
  • General physics improvements in certain areas
  • Physics improvements made around enemies.
  • Physics improvements made around doors
  • Doors and gates now open and close faster
  • Improved boss battle in level 1
  • Changed the locations of certain clues in level 2
  • Many enemy sounds have been replaced and new sounds have been added.
  • Enemy’s blood splatters will now increase as damage dealt increases as well as change in look depending on the location of hit
  • Player hit sound now used with both melee and range weapon hits
  • Added additional scenery in level 1
  • Treasure chest art fixes in level 1
  • The RPG constitution bug has been fixed. It will now increase health and hunger stats by 10 each time and also increase both hunger and health by 10.
  • Fixed a bug with continuation of playing attack music as long as enemy has detected target
  • And a few minor bugs fixed


Thanks to you we have made much progress. We have more to come and hope that you enjoy the update.

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