Castle Torgeath – Update v0.9.1 Now Available

June 28, 2015 DG STUDIOS

Hi, everybody. Our update is now completely live and functional. With all of the feedback that you have provided us, we’ve made a massive update that will push the game to a whole new level. Without further ado here is the full changelog:
  • Added a new GUI and HUD
  • Made several improvements to the player
  • Improved the look of the levels
  • Made significant changes to the lighting
  • Changed several sounds as well as added new ones
  • Improved optimization
  • Added a Help page to the pause menu
  • Added file overwrite for saving
  • Increased ranges for mouse sensitivity and brightness
  • Added ability to turn the HUD and reticle off (“z” and “r” keys respectively)
  • Added ability to sheath weapons (“f” key)
  • Replaced start and end pictures
  • Modified damage values and hitboxes for enemies
  • Fixed “lingering hit” bug
  • Several visual errors fixed
  • Fixed a variety of minor bugs

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us thus far and provided feedback. We hope you enjoy the update and happy gaming.

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