Castle Torgeath 0.9.8 Update is Ready – Morph Fog Added!

May 06, 2016 DG STUDIOS

Hello everyone!

In this release we have added a completely new feature the “reanimation fog.” The addition of the fog will infuse tension and a new dynamic to the game. We also have created more scenery and effects in levels 1 and 2. Lastly new cursors, new enemy types, and improved enemy behavior have been added into the game.

The reanimation fog (or morph fog) is a completely new feature added into the game. The fog itself is actually an intelligent creature which came from the depths of the castle and is compelled to change and take control of certain types of dead enemies. What this means for the player is he will have to be on guard when he kills certain enemy types (like the wolves etc.) for the fog may come take over their corpses and change them into something much more fearsome. The player will also have to steer clear of the fog itself for contact with it will hurt the player as it tries to take control of him. However the fog’s appearance isn’t always guaranteed. As a result we added a new orb on the right side of the HUD to show the chances of the fog’s appearance when an enemy is killed. Currently we have two types of morph creatures and we intend to add more enemies as well as ways to interact with the fog in the future.

Levels 1 and 2 now have many more surprises. Both have received new traps such as magic mines and poison which have more flash in them over previous traps. More effects were added to both levels such as ceiling rubble to give the environment a little bit more pizazz. In addition, we have also improved ambushes which now have better visuals and should be more surprising. Minor additional art was placed in both levels which should complete them for the foreseeable future.

Several more minor addition where added. New cursors for different situation where made. The cursors will now change depending on whether you can interact with an object or not. Lastly the enemies can now better follow the player around doors and walls more effectively.

Here are the full details of the update:

  • Added reanimation fog (aka Morph Fog)
  • Add new morph enemies including werewolf and dark wolf
  • Added new ambush features in level 1 and 2.
  • Added new effects (e.g. poison gas) in level 1 and 2
  • Added custom cursors for aim, talk, and select
  • Updated HUD with morph fog status
  • Updated help page
  • Improved enemy AI around doors and gates
  • Completed all scenery and features/effects in level 1
  • Completed all scenery and features/effects in level 2
  • Made minor improvements to the player’s animations
  • Fix several minor bugs

Thanks for your feedback and support. Let us know what you think about our new changes!

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